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Will Liberal Insider Jon Ossoff Keep His Word If He Wins The Democrat Senate Nomination?


Atlanta, GA – Way ahead in the polls with just days to go until Georgia Democrats choose their Senate nominee, Liberal Insider Jon Ossoff is attacking his primary opponent Teresa Tomlinson for a super PAC supporting her candidacy.

With Ossoff poised to become the Democrat nominee – outspending Tomlinson and Sarah Riggs Amico by wide margins while polls give him a comfortable lead – outside super PAC’s like Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC could be expected to back his candidacy.

Ossoff was endorsed by End Citizens United PAC and has claimed he wants to get money out of politics, despite setting spending records in his failed 2017 bid for Congress. This included massive amounts of dark money spent on his behalf, which Ossoff appeared to take no issue with at the time. Voters deserve to know if he will live up to his rhetoric or if he plans to accept support from liberal special interest super PAC’s.

Is Ossoff going to live up to his promises on the campaign trail? Or is he just another politician, telling voters what he thinks they want to hear just so he can win an election? If Ossoff truly means what he says, he would immediately reject any future support from Chuck Schumer’s super PAC or any other outside groups that may support his candidacy.

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