Air Ball Jordan mesmerizes with her high-flying hypocrisy

Atlanta- This week, state Sen. Jen Jordan (D-Atlanta) believes majority rule is sacrosanct. Just two weeks ago, the Atlanta Democrat saw majority rule as a sexist attack on democracy.“Sen. Jordan’s principles clearly do not exist beyond situational ethics,”...

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Zombies Voting in Los Angeles?

The Democrat candidate for Secretary of State, John Barrow, has pledged to do away with voter ID laws and will fight to keep ineligible voters on the rolls.

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While the Democrats continue to fight a losing battle, the Georgia Republicans are fresh from a once-again confirmed victory in the Governor’s race, and continue to focus on the actual runoff elections in the Secretary of State and Public Service Commissioner races. 

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FACT CHECK: 53,000 Pending Voters CAN VOTE on Election Day

Unfortunately, the national media is running an article which falsely suggests that Secretary of State Brian Kemp is blocking 53,000 voters from participating in this election cycle. “Pending” status in the Secretary of State’s office does not mean the applicant cannot vote. “Pending” status means more information needs to be verified at the time a voter casts their vote. The “pending” applicant can also resolve most issues online or can call their local Board of Elections for off-line assistance.

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