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After Endorsing Sanctuary Cities, Does Privileged Liberal Insider Jon Ossoff Want To Defund The Police?


Atlanta, GA – With a growing number of Democrats calling to “defund the police,” Georgia voters deserve to know if privileged liberal insider Jon Ossoff supports stripping funding from law enforcement in the midst of a national crisis.

Last week, Ossoff was caught endorsing sanctuary cities during an online town hall with the College Democrats of Georgia. Ossoff declared, “I don’t think it’s the role of local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law.” Ossoff announced this lawless, socialist position the same week that far-left Democrats and Hollywood elites began dangerous cries for cities to “defund the police.”

For the last week, local and state law enforcement officials across the country have put their lives on the line to protect peaceful protestors, as violent rioters and looters inflicted widespread destruction. “Defunding the police” would eliminate law enforcement jobs and put communities in grave danger.

“As liberal Democrats persist with their dangerous push to ‘defund’ the very men and women who protect our families and communities, Georgia voters deserve to know whether Jon Ossoff agrees,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “We already know Ossoff supports sanctuary cities, but will he also side with his liberal mega-donors from New York and Hollywood on ‘defunding the police?'”

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