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Out-of-State Radicals Flock To Support Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff’s Campaign


ATLANTA, GA – Just like they did in 2017 for Jon Ossoff’s failed congressional campaign, radical liberals from outside Georgia are powering his campaign for Senate.

This weekend, Ossoff touted the support of Senators Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Brian Schatz of Hawaii, two of the most liberal members of the United States Senate. Murphy later humblebragged that their endorsements led to the largest single fundraising day of Ossoff’s campaign.

In 2017, Ossoff’s candidacy for Congress was propelled by the endorsements of socialist Bernie Sanders and far-left House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose super PAC donated generously to Ossoff. It became a point of controversy on the campaign trail that the vast majority of Ossoff’s contributions came from outside of Georgia, raising 97.5% of his donations during one quarter from donors in California, New York, and other liberal bastions. This trend has continued for Ossoff this year.

“As he has done throughout his sad political career, Jon Ossoff is relying on out-of-state liberals whose radical priorities matter more to him than the needs of Georgia families,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Georgia’s Senate seat cannot be bought, no matter how hard Ossoff tries to spend his donor’s money in hopes of becoming another ally for Chuck Schumer in the United States Senate.”

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