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Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff Shamed Into Acknowledging Atlanta Crime Surge

Atlanta, GA – After staying silent for days on the growing violence in Atlanta, privileged liberal Jon Ossoff was publicly shamed into finally commenting on the matter.

A new article by Townhall highlighted how Ossoff remained silent for days about Atlanta’s “surge” in crime – including a massive rise in shootings – while Senator Perdue strongly denounced the violence. Even after Governor Kemp announced that the National Guard would be deployed to ensure public safety, Ossoff did not comment. But an hour after Townhall’s story came out, Ossoff finally issued a response.

Ossoff stated shortly after his primary win that he wants to put police funding “on the line,” signaling his support for the radical “Defund the Police” movement. Last week, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that over the past month, shootings have skyrocketed in Atlanta. The President of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers’ local chapter, told The AJC that “officers are afraid to do their job” amid growing calls to “Defund the Police.”

“The fact that Jon Ossoff had to be shamed into acknowledging the growing wave of violent crime sweeping Atlanta shows how little courage he has,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “By enabling the radical ‘Defund the Police’ movement that he and his donors have supported, Ossoff has put his radical agenda before keeping the public safe. He can’t be trusted to lead.”

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