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On This Tax Day, Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff Supports Tax Hikes, Continues To Mislead Georgians


Atlanta, GA – This Tax Day, privileged liberal Jon Ossoff continues to support tax hikes on the people of Georgia as he willfully misleads on economic policies of vital importance.

At a town hall this past February, Ossoff was caught on video falsely claiming that the 2017 tax reform law raised taxes on the middle class. In reality, the average American family received a tax cut of over $1200:

These remarks mirror Ossoff’s hypocritical comments about the Paycheck Protection Program, which he misleadingly attacked as only benefiting the wealthy even as it saved 1.5 million Georgia jobs. It was later revealed that Ossoff’s own father used the program to save his struggling business, forcing Ossoff to change his tune.

Ossoff has also praised the socialist Green New Deal proposal, which would cost an estimated $93 trillion and lead to massive tax hikes while also criticizing middle-class tax relief passed in 2017. If elected, Ossoff would certainly support Chuck Schumer’s efforts to roll back tax relief and force families to pay more.

“With his privileged lifestyle, Jon Ossoff may not think that middle-class tax cuts and job protections are important to the people of Georgia, but these policies have had a life-changing impact for countless families across our state,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Ossoff’s lies about tax relief and the PPP show that he is hopelessly out-of-touch with the people of Georgia and their economic priorities.”

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