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Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff Breaks Promise On Corporate PAC Donations


Atlanta, GA – From the beginning of his campaign, Jon Ossoff has promised that he would not accept corporate PAC money, repeating his pledge in his first TV ads. He has now broken that pledge.

Townhall reports that Ossoff accepted at least $30,000 in donations from corporate-funded leadership PAC’s to boost his campaign. This contradicts Ossoff’s assurances that he would not take “a dime” of corporate PAC money.

According to his FEC filing, Ossoff also received nearly 75 percent of his total contributions from outside of Georgia over the most recent fiscal quarter, taking in nearly as much money from Californians alone as he did from donors in this state.

“Privileged liberal Jon Ossoff’s campaign is bought-and-paid-for by out-of-state radicals who want to flip Georgia to further their socialist agenda,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Ossoff broke his word to voters when he accepted massive corporate-funded PAC donations after pledging that he wouldn’t. He’ll do or say anything to con Georgians into supporting him. Unfortunately for Ossoff, he’s not fooling anyone.”

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