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Washington Examiner: Raphael Warnock’s Radicalism Is Catching Up With Him


Raphael Warnock’s Radicalism Is Catching Up With Him
Washington Examiner Editorial
November 15, 2020

…The nation’s eyes now turn to Georgia, where two statewide runoff elections will determine party control of the U.S. Senate.

In the time since, Georgians are getting a clearer picture of Warnock, and it’s not quite the one he’s been trying to project.

An ordained Baptist minister, Warnock has a theological pedigree that most believers in God would consider to be quite radical. Last week, it was reported that he served as a youth minister when his New York City church invited the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro to speak in 1995 and then enthusiastically cheered and praised him.

He is no centrist and certainly not someone who can be counted on to speak up when his own allies commit or endorse injustices or even atrocities like the many Castro committed.

Far more troubling is Warnock’s very recent embrace of anti-Israel radicalism. In a 2018 sermon, he portrayed Israel and pro-Israel people in the United States as the cause of the conflict in the Middle East — not the terrorists who have actually caused the problem. He lamented the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and excused anti-Israel terrorist violence, stating, “Yes, there may have been some folk who were violent, but we oughta know how that works out. We know what it’s like to stand up and have a peaceful demonstration and have the media focus on a few violent uprisings.”

This ridiculous statement, just like his church’s earlier praise of Castro, is essentially an exercise in shrugging off murder, so long as the cause is supposedly just…

If that isn’t bad enough, Warnock actively embraced the “God damn America” line of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, going on television to defend Wright in 2008 at the very moment when then-Sen. Barack Obama was wisely disowning him.

There are further concerns about Warnock, who has been accused of dissuading witnesses from immediately cooperating with police in a child abuse case 18 years ago, right when similar problems within the Catholic Church were first coming to light.

Georgians can certainly do better.

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