The State Executive Committee by unanimous written ballot has adopted the following resolution deploring violence and destruction as methods of protest and opposing impeachment proceedings against President Trump as factually flawed, provocative, unenforceable and hypocritical:

Resolution by Vikki Consiglio, Brant Frost, Carolyn Fisher, Cathy Latham, Ginger Howard, Darrell Galloway, BJ Van Gundy and others

WHEREAS, the United States House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump using a standard which if universally applied would result in the “impeachment” of numerous members of the House of Representatives and Senate; and

WHEREAS, now Vice President and then-Senator Kamala Harris, Congressman Ilhan Omar, Congressman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Congressman Maxine Waters and others encouraged the protests of 2020 which included attacks on federal courthouses, “interfered” with the “solemn duties” of government officials, “obstructed and subverted” government operations and resulted in the “injury and death of law enforcement personnel” and others; and

WHEREAS, Vice President Harris solicited funds for the Minnesota Freedom Fund which bailed out rioters and others arrested in the commission of “violent, deadly and destructive acts” with the “foreseeable” effect that the “lawlessness” and resulting death, injury and destruction would continue; and

WHEREAS, Americans cannot allow violence and destruction to be normalized as methods of protest; and

WHEREAS, President Trump consistently urged the 2021 Capitol protest to be peaceful, and when certain individuals engaged in vandalism and trespass, called on those protests to immediately end and for protestors to obey law enforcement, disperse and return home; and

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Georgia Republican Party, deploring senseless violence and destruction of all kinds, urges the United States Senate to end the impeachment proceeding as a provocative, unenforceable, and hypocritical miscarriage of justice.

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